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UPS Crash Data as of 2010

UPS Crash Data as of 2010

Up until 2010 United Parcel Service (UPS) has killed 39 People, injured 707 and been in accidents involving nearly 2000 vehicles. They need to be held responsible.

My Story: UPS and the death of my father

upsThe motto of United Parcel Service (UPS) is “You Can Trust in Brown.” They’re noted for timely delivery of packages, parcels, and letters and are said to be more efficient and reliable than the US Postal Service. Being responsible and accountable for other people’s goods and possessions make for good business, but UPS has failed to live up to their motto and reputation when it came to settling a wrongful death suit that was ruled against them on February 13, 2013.

On November 23, 2010 at 3am George Upton was driving on Interstate 395 South on his way to work when he was rear ended by a UPS truck weighing over 40 tons and driven by Joseph Socha. The force of the impact sent Upton’s truck over the right-hand guardrail, through a lamppost and into the woods. Upton’s vehicle was found 200 feet away from point of impact.  George Upton’s body had been ejected from his vehicle and was found 25 feet from his vehicle down an embankment. He suffered blunt traumatic injuries and was declared dead at the scene.

Even with such a horrific traffic fatality the Connecticut State Police chose not to conduct their accident reconstruction at the time of the incident.   Instead CT Police cleared away the wreckage, the debris, George Upton’s body and his mangled car and then re-opened a major interstate.   Did they conduct their investigation later that day?   No.   They did it weeks later when important forensic evidence was possibly compromised.

The family of George Upton received no restitution from UPS so over 2 years later on January 24, 2013, a case was brought before New London Superior Court.   The case was resided over by Judge Susan A. Peck and the six-member jury found that Joseph Socha as an agent for UPS acted recklessly and negligently. George Upton’s estate was awarded $3.88 million dollars in economic damages, future lost wagers, non-economic damages, and for loss of consortium.

The scene of the accident was recreated by CT State Police and it was estimated that Upton was traveling between 47 and 52 mph while Socha’s 40-ton UPS truck was traveling upward of 67 mph upon impact. UPS’s legal team created their own accident scene and claimed that Upton had cut off Socha’s vehicle prior to the accident. Even with highly paid corporate lawyers and two subject matter experts the jury saw right through their manipulation of the facts and delivered a Wrongful Death verdict along with a just settlement of $3.88.

In a time when corporations are considered people, it is beyond disheartening that UPS has proven itself to be less than humane. The family of George Upton have not received one cent in restitution from UPS and it’s been over 4 years.    The case was brought to trial and UPS lost.   Rather than accept the decision of the judicial process and that of the jury and provide settlement, UPS has chosen instead to tie the case up in court, file for a retrial, and further victimize Upton’s family in the process.

We ask that governor Malloy pass a law that upon any traffic accident involving a fatality the CT State Police or local police conduct a mandatory immediate and thorough accident reconstruction.   By doing so it will aid victims and surviving family members to more efficiently get closure in what is sure to be an incident where they need closure.

Let’s not allow corporations to circumvent the outcome of the judicial process and tie a victim’s case up in legal limbo for perpetuity.

George Upton was 55 years old and left behind his wife of some 20 years and a grown son.

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